Leather Cleaning And Other Tips to Make Car Upholstery Like New Again

Leather car upholstery is generally hard-wearing compared to cloth-covered seats, but it still requires love and care. A new car with leather seats always looks, smells and feels stunning, but continued use will soon cause it to look less impressive. Even the smallest amount of damage will start to make the leather upholstery look worn and tired.

Even cars that get little use suffer, as sunlight will damage leather. UV rays will fade the original colour of the upholstery, and they also dry out the natural oils present in the leather causing it to desiccate. This leaves the upholstery looking and smelling worn, rather than having the rich shine and scent of new leather.

Day-to-day use also means that keys, coins and other objects in pockets will damage the seats, leading to tiny nicks and abrasions. This will make the driver’s seat in particular look scruffy, and frequent car use with children in the back can take its toll on the seat backs.

Cigarette smoke also plays its part in ruining the effect of the upholstery as it lingers in leather long after the car has been used, contributing to a stale odour in the interior of the vehicle. It can be very difficult to remove this at home with ordinary household products.

Leather cleaning professionals can help car owners to rejuvenate their upholstery. They will be able to supply specialist products to restore the colour, lustre and finish of the leather without the expense of reupholstering the vehicle. In addition, they will be able to advise and supply leather care products to ensure the upholstery continues to look great.



Protect Your Auto Leather From Auto Leather Enemy #1; The Sun, LeatherHelp


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