Leather Cleaning Myths That Just make Matters Worse for Your Furniture

Leather furniture is hardwearing but leather can become cracked, faded and worn if it is not given the correct care. When carrying out leather cleaning or restoration on their furniture furniture, some people turn to the internet for ideas and some of the home remedy advice they find there can only make matters worse.

When attempting to replenish the moisture that has disappeared from cracked and dried leather furniture, people sometimes try to use olive oil. The advice to use olive oil as a remedy probably originates in the practice of oiling baseball gloves and is definitely not an approach you should consider on fine leather. While olive oil may make your leather look better temporarily, it will saturate the back of the leather and will eventually resurface as dark, greasy spots on your furniture.

Small spots and scratches are often a problem on leather furniture and it is tempting to try and fill them in with a coloured marker. This might be satisfactory if the mark is somewhere it will not be noticed, such as on the back or underneath. With cheap markers, however, it is impossible to match he colour exactly and you will never achieve a professional finish.

Hairspray is often recommended to remove ink and biro stains, but it contains alcohol and will remove the protective coating from your fine leather. Hair spray also leaves a sticky residue that attracts particles of dirt and dust that will soon become discoloured and look unsightly.

Regularly cleaning and protecting your leather furniture is the best way to keep it looking good and will prevent many problems from arising but if your sofa looks in need of a little TLC, professional leather cleaning and restoration is the best way give your furniture a new lease of life.


Stop DIY-Cleaning Your Leather with Oil, Life Hacker


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