Why Do Leather Furniture Crack? Leather Cleaning Professionals Explain

Leather furniture is slow to damage, but it is vulnerable to many different sources of damage. Caring for your leather furniture can prevent the worst of it, but it’s difficult to be constantly vigilant, and it can be difficult to know where to start looking after your leather furniture.

For example, leather furniture can crack over time, starting with the dye. It can fade, losing its colour, or the leather itself can peel.

Leather furniture primarily cracks due to oil from bare skin, such as from simply sitting on the leather. Fundamentally, this sort of damage to the furniture is the result of damage to the dye.

Leather also fades, losing its colour, for a variety of reasons. The most common is sunlight. Leather exposed to natural sunlight will fade over time, while leather that is properly placed will fade slowly, in keeping with the typical expectations of leather furniture.

Leather can peel, as well. This is caused by standard use, but the best-made leather furniture can last for decades without peeling. Leather polymers, or bonded leather, create furniture that peels more easily, and mishandled sharp objects (for example) can also cause a form of peeling through direct damage to even the best leather.

There are specialized products, such as leather dye, that can be used to restore furniture. Some of these products are readily available to homeowners; others are not. For some problems, such as cracks in leather, it is best to rely on a leather cleaning professional to resolve the problem (such as re-dyeing cracked leather entirely).



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